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About Us

Redundant. Scalable. Affordable.

LevelHosting Inc. stands above the competition by offering Web hosting solutions that are backed by our High Quality Network and expert dedicated support team.

At LevelHosting Inc. we distinguished ourselves by the exceptional quality of our customer service and technical support and we thrive to maintain this quality service reputation. All of our team members unite their skills to better satisfy your needs and allow us to stand out from the crowd.

Our solutions are customized to satisfy each client. We specialize in applying technology to maximize your resources and save on your bottom line. Our aim is to provide affordable and reliable Web hosting solutions.

As a LevelHosting Inc. client you will enjoy the security of service that is both responsive and proactive. Our Partners include some of the most reliable names in the business: Cisco, Supermicro and Intel are all working with us to bring you faster, reliable and efficient hosting solutions.

We recognize the significance that customer service is the key driver to the success of our company.

Data Center Overview

Public Network

All of our servers are located in data centres that seamlessly integrate three distinct and redundant gigabit network architectures—public, private, and data center-to-data center—into the industry’s first network—within—a—network topology for maximum accessibility, security, and control.

With 210 Gbps of connectivity to the Internet, our provider runs one of the largest IP backbones in the US. Our 21 x 10 Gbps diverse connections are spread across 9 of the leading network providers in the US and, in addition, include multiple public peering links to dozens of additional Internet access networks.